A Guide to Attending Congress

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Greetings to all of you dear friends who are planning to attend the "21st Annual National Congress and the Seventh International Congress of Medical Student Research" held this year at Babol University of Medical Sciences.
In this section, we want to be your guide to congress, join us.
If you have an article:
You must first log into our site with a registered address and create a user profile for yourself. Then upload the article in the Abstract section of the article and attachments Upload the file and send it to us, according to the file type description provided. Regarding the files you send
There is a very important point that most friends overlook that unfortunately disrupts the review process and the article is not accepted, which is nothing but the anonymous abstract file. This file should contain just the body of your abstract, without the names of the authors and their authors.
And the next point is to enter a code of ethics and submit a commitment file when submitting abstracts that are of great importance.
Please keep in mind these very simple tips to make your article unacceptable with a slight mistake!
Keep up to date on congressional affairs and issues by keeping track of congressional news by following our congressional news from our site and social networks, as well as more tips. After announcing the results (named in the sources of information, will be announced), if you accept the abstract of your article, either as a lecture or as a poster presentation, you can refer back to your account Complete tasks such as paying registration fees and more. Also be sure to coordinate with your university research committee for submitting abstracts and attending congress.

If you don't have an article:

Free participants are actually friends who don’t have an article however they attend Congress to learn about its environment, doing presentations and gaining experiences for next years to come.

For universities, the quota is in limited numbers and each university, according to its quota, gives us the names of the friends who are going to participate in the congress, then the announced names can register on the site.

First enter the site and click on REGISTER for registration and make a user account for yourself .Complete your registration according to the description given on the site such as payment of registration fee, etc.

If you have a resume:

All researchers interested in arbitration can submit their resume by sending it to the email address 21arcimsgmail.com by June 21, 2010, for membership of the 21st Annual National Congress and 7th International Congress of Medical Students.

You can download resume file in RESUME SAMPLE .

For appreciation of juries hard works, The Certificate of Appreciation and Certificate of Arbitration and the respective privileges will be awarded by Congress.

Read more: sending resume guide

Finally dear contributors can travel to Destination DESTINATION one day before congress

After briefly providing a description and making the necessary arrangements, we will  Hospitalize you at the congress.

After attending inauguration ceremony, our dear friends will be honored to set your accommodation in arranged hostels so that we can officially see the start of this exciting research competition at Babol University of Medical Sciences the next morning.
By official start of the congress we will see a two-day scientific marathon among students of the country's medical universities.
We recommend you to get the maximum benefit with your intelligence of this huge event.

Eventually on the last day, we will have the closing ceremony, announcement of the names of the chosen ones and I hope your name shines through!

We hope to meet you!

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Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 20 May 2020
  • Resume Submission Deadline: 10 March 2020
  • Registeration Deadline: 31 July 2020
  • Congress: 11-14 August 2020

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