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​Pursuant to the Permanent Secretariat of the National Congress of Medical Students of Iran to submit an article, Registration and submission of abstracts can only be done via the Congress website after receiving the username and password in the individual panel for each applicant, And items sent by fax, email or paper will not be reviewed.
Summaries of articles are sent to the Secretariat through the Congress website and, after review, the selected articles are submitted. Abstracts are acceptable in both Farsi and English.
Abstracts of submitted articles can be sent in the form of an informative extended Abstract.
That is, it doesn't have to be 250 words and can be up to 500 words depending on the article.
The submitter author is required to complete the submission form by clicking the link below and attaching the file when submitting the abstract.
Note 1: Due to the delay in obtaining approval for the project or code of ethics at some universities, submitting systematic review articles and case reports is required if the Supplementary Form is signed with the signature of the supervisor, assistant or research management of the university.
Note 2: Submissions abstracts previously published in paper but not presented at any congress , Provided the journal name is included in the abstract, can be submitted.
When writing a summary of articles, follow:
>>Only submit abstracts and avoid full text submission.
>>The abstract file must be in doc or docx format.
>>In the anonymous file entry section, avoid writing the authors' first and last names.
>>Selected articles are chosen based on the quality, abstracts, research and new ideas, and others in coordination with the jury in accordance with the refereeing checklist.
>>Any decision on whether or not to submit an article is up to the Scientific Committee of Congress.
>>If you have any questions or concerns about submitting your articles,communicate by email to Congress. Your email will be answered within 24 hours (
>>When submitting abstracts, mention of cell phone number and email is required.
>>The responsibility of informing other researchers is the responsibility of the author of the article.
>>It is the responsibility of the scientific and literary accuracy of the text sent to the person submitting the article. If the theft is proven, it will be notified in writing to the research department of the respective university and the person will be permanently banned from student congresses.
>>It is necessary to mention the names of the supervisors or research advisors in the abstracts submitted.
The summary of the article should be from research that has been clearly identified when submitting the paper to Congress, and should be strongly avoided in terms of phrases such as "Results under review" and ... .

If any of the following is not followed, the abstract will be removed from the arbitration process:
Failure to submit guidelines Summary of articles in terms of structure and number of words allowed.
Not to mention the title, authors ‘names and authors organization’s names in the article with the name.
Failure to submit named and anonymous articles when submitting an article.
Failure to submit submission form.
Failure to write a code of ethics.

Article abstract preparation guidelines:

1-All types of articles must include the title of the article, the name of the author, and the name of the organization of all authors, the university, the student research committee, the research center, or any organization that has sponsored and approved the research work.
2-Use the B Nazanin font and the Times New Roman font in English to summarize all parts of the Persian articles. Please be like this example.
3- Bold article title with font size 14.
4-Writers' names should be written in font size 12, Underline the author of the article providing the article.
5-Affiliation with font size 10.
6- The abstract of the article should be in bold font size 12 and headers.
7-The margin should be 2 cm from each side.

It should be noted that according to the decision made by the Permanent Secretariat of Congress, the certificate will only be issued to the provider if the article is accepted and presented to Congress.

Article Submission Guidelines by Article 
Type * Original Articles:

1- The maximum number of acceptable words (excluding authors and affiliation) for abstracts is 500 words in English and 450 words in English.
2- Summary of original articles should include the following:
•Background and Objective
•Materials and Methods
•Key Words
Note: In clinical trials, the IRCT registration code must be mentioned in the procedure or at the end of the abstract, otherwise the abstract of the submitted article will be deleted.

Systematic review articles:

1. The maximum number of acceptable words (excluding authors' names and (Affiliation for Persian abstracts is 350 words and English words 300 words)).
2. Only systematic review articles and meta-analyzes are acceptable, and narrative review articles are excluded from the initial screening and do not enter the arbitration process.
4. Summary review articles should include the following:
•Background and Objective
•Search Method
•Key Words

Case report:

1. The maximum number of acceptable words (excluding authors and affiliation) for abstracts is 250 words in Farsi and 200 words in English.
2. Case report articles must contain acceptable teaching tips or points.
3. Summary of case report articles should include the following:
•Background and Objective
•Search Method
•Key Words

Qualitative Articles:

The maximum number of acceptable words (excluding authors' names for abstracts of Persian articles is 450 words and English words 400 words).
2. Summary of qualitative articles should include the following components:
•Background and Objective
•Search Method
•Key Words
In all types of articles, the largest volume of abstracts should be devoted to the main research method and findings. Avoid writing a lengthy introduction or conclusion.

Innovations and Inventions:

1. Inventions and inventions should be submitted to the secretariat of the conference in the form of original research papers.
2- The approval of the "Industrial Property Bureau" is essential to accept the article.

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